4 Factors To Consider Before You Fix or Replace or Fix a Chipped Auto Glass


Although windshield chips or cracks don’t happen that often, they can be a real problem. Unlike high-end glass, lightweight glass is used more often in order to get better mileage. In this article, we are going to give you a few tips to help you fix the damaged windshield.

1. Find out how bad the chips is

First of all, you shouldn’t ignore the chip. According to many studies, 90% of chips tend to grow into large cracks. This happens when you least expect this situation to happen. Cracked auto glass can be a source of distraction for you, which can be a real danger.

Your safety while driving depends on the windshield. Basically, the role of the glass is to give enough time for airbags to open up and maintain the structural integrity of the vehicle in case of a rollover.

Unlike undamaged glass, damaged glass is about 70% weaker. You can avoid this risk by fixing or replacing the glass.

2. Do you have to get the glass replaced?

If you repair the glass rather than get it replaced, you can keep the factory seal intact. The good news is that you can fix a tiny crack or chip in less than 30 minutes. This can help you save a lot of money.

All you need to do is create a vacuum over the damaged spot, which will help you remove both air and moisture. Then the resin is put into the area that helps fill in the micro cracks. Afterward, you can apply UV light to harden the resin.

3. Find how big the crack is

If you find that the glass is too damaged to be fixed, you can get it replaced. The cost of replacing the glass varies based on the model and make of your car. In the US, vehicle glass should pass National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standards. It’s important to work with a repair professional offering a warranty on their repair and replacement.

4. How long will the windshield repair job take?

The downtime usually depends upon a lot of variables, such as the speed of service scheduling, distance from the service location and the mobile repair technician availability, just to name a few.

You can book an appointment on the same day if you want. The good news is that some service providers may send the professional to your location instead of asking you to bring the vehicle to their service center.

On average, a windshield replacement may take up to three hours. This includes around 60 minutes for the actual work and about 45 minutes to let the adhesive set in. Apart from this, the technician will give you a few tips on how you can drive your vehicle safely.

Long story short, we suggest that you follow these factors before you go for a windshield repair or replacement. Hopefully, these tips will help you make an informed decision.

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