5 Car Parts that Can Cause Unexpected Problems



Unexpected ProblemsIf you own a car, it is helpful to learn about automotive parts and potential issues that can impact vehicles. Maybe you start hearing a strange noise when you’re driving. If you know a little bit about cars, perhaps you can identify it. In this article, we’ll talk about car parts that can cause unexpected problems. If you know to watch out for these issues, it’s less likely they will catch you off guard.

The Battery

Cars have batteries, and if your battery doesn’t start, you can’t operate your vehicle. Finding a reliable electrical component distributor might be your next move if this happens. You will need to replace your battery if it no longer works.

If you want to keep your vehicle’s battery from dying on you unexpectedly, starting the car at least once per week and letting it run for a few minutes can help with that. Car disuse is the main reason why batteries die. That’s why, if you stow a car in a garage and let it sit there for months, you might have to deal with a dead battery when you try to start it.

You might simply take a car for a drive around the block if you don’t need to use it very often. You can also take it to the grocery store or on other short errands to avoid a dead battery.

A Sputtering Engine

You might experience a sputtering engine as well. Any car engine will run better when fuel and air mix correctly and burn in the vehicle’s combustion chamber. For this process to occur, you need ignition and fuel systems to work together harmoniously.

Many moving parts help your engine run correctly, and engine misfiring or sputtering can happen seemingly out of nowhere. To make this less likely, you can get a mechanic to check out your vehicle once per year, or more than that if you drive it a lot for work or pleasure.

You can also replace any ignition system or fuel components that wear out. Again, you’ll need replacement parts more frequently if you drive more often.

Flat Tires

If you let a car sit unused for a very long time, don’t let it surprise you if you have a flat tire when you try to drive it, or more than one. You can also experience a flat tire if you run over an object or strike one.

That can cause a puncture, and you should know about that almost immediately. The car will start to shudder, and you should hear the noise as well.

If you rotate your tires regularly, that can help them last longer. Rotating your tires lets them accumulate wear more evenly. If you rotate them every 5,000 miles, that’s fine for most cars. You can do it when you bring the vehicle to a mechanic for an oil change, or you can also do it yourself if you have the time.

Brake Problems

Your brakes need to work the way the car manufacturer intended, or you can cause an accident and injure yourself or someone else. You might hear your brakes grinding or squealing at some point. This is a big part of unexpected problems.

Like any other car part, expect the brakes to wear out eventually. The grinding or squealing noise you hear when you press down on them can clue you in that they are nearing their usable life’s end.

If the brake pedal feels soft and doesn’t provide you with some resistance when you press down, you should take the car to a mechanic as soon as possible. A grinding or squealing noise also means it is time for a professional to look at the vehicle.

A squealing or squeaking noise might not be too bad, but if you hear and feel the brake grinding, it’s time for a mechanic to replace the brake pads.

The Alternator

Another unexpected problems is the Alternator. Once you start the car, the alternator goes to work. It’s the element that keeps the electrical systems running correctly.

It also carries a charge to your battery so that it doesn’t die on you. If your alternator breaks, you may find that your battery dies quickly as well. You may start to see other issues too.

When you get a mechanic to inspect the car every year, make sure they look at the alternator. If they tell you that you need a new one, that is not a cheap fix, but you need to make sure this component functions correctly.


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