5 of the Worst Racing Tracks for Wrecking Your Car



All motorsports are dangerous, and they use a wide range of circuits. Some of the worst racing tracks worldwide will ruin your car, and others might even claim your life.

Mint 400 in Nevada, USA

One of the oldest racing competitions in the world, the Mint 400 is a muddy and dangerous race across a mind-boggling array of surfaces. Rather than a rigidly structured drive, you will face rugged terrain and lots of mud, dirt, and dust. So you better get your Sandgrabber mats out and hope for the best. Each year, the event attracts hundreds of thousands of motorsport enthusiasts from all over the world. There are also over 500 teams taking part in a punishing two-day off-road extravaganza across Nevada, guaranteed to make you or break you.

The Monza Circuit of Italy

A staple of Formula One, the Monza circuit near Milan is one of the world’s oldest, trickiest, and most feared racing circuits. Built-in 1922, the track has undergone many refurbishments, hosted thousands of races, and witnessed many tragic incidents. You might remember the deaths of prominent drovers like Marco Burnelli, Ronnie Peterson, and Jarno Saarinen. The track itself looks unassuming, but the turns often underestimate the chicane, 90 degree turns, and high-speed curves, as highlighted by the many deaths of highly talented drivers.

Nurburgring is Probably the Worst Racing Track

If there’s one track that is whispered in hushed tones, it’s the Nurburgring. More a test of grit than a racing circuit, the notorious German track has ruined many cars and claimed dozens of lives. It is estimated that between 2 and 12 people per year die navigating the steep inclines and blind turns of the winding circuit. So if you plan on taking up motorsport as a hobby, you will be better off putting this track day off until you gain years of experience. And even then, you should give it a second thought before considering offering your pride and joy as a sacrifice. 

Daytona International Speedway

To the uninitiated, NASCAR looks like a simple motorsport. Typically there are few turns in a NASAR circuit. But the sheer speeds are mind-blowing. Because of the long straights and wide curves, the average rate of a NASCAR race is 200 mph. At those speeds, car handling is an extreme skill not for the faint of heart. Unsurprisingly, NASCAR is no stranger to crashes, and Daytona International Speedway is one of the worst culprits. The longer straights with relatively tight curves mean even the slightest mistake can cause massive damage.

Isle of Man TT’s Snaefell Mountain

The Isle of Man TT motorcycle event is notorious in racing. In its 100 year history, almost 250 people have died taking part, and countless vehicles are ruined. The race takes place in Snaefell Mountain, a risky circuit of blind turns and speedways through steep hills, narrow villages, and stone walls. Speeds often reach over 180 mph while hurtling towards obstacles. Because of the high speeds and narrow routes, spectators are also often injured during the Isle of Man TT. So if you don’t like repair bills or value your life, give this one a miss.


All racing is dangerous and can ruin your vehicle. But there are some notorious tracks guaranteed to ruin your day. Monza, Mint 400, and the Isle of Man TT are perfect examples.


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