$8M Bugatti Divo Seeks To Beat $0.1M Tesla Model S Plaid In Drag Race With Sheer Brute Force


Though keep track of moments are enjoyable, drag racing data can go even more to establish just how rapid a automobile is on its individual deserves. On paper, the Bugatti Divo and the Tesla Model S Plaid are two of the quickest production autos in historical past. Here’s a breakdown of what takes place when they materialize to line up at the drag strip at the exact same time.

Introduced to us by the individuals more than at DragTimes, these two cars have an estimated benefit somewhere north of $8.1 million bucks. Of course, $8 million of that benefit is in the tremendous-constrained manufacturing Bugatti alone. In spite of the rate disparity, the two cars and trucks tout a sub-9.5-2nd quarter-mile time on paper from a standing get started.

This movie, however, begins with a roll race from about 40 mph (64 kph) and in it, the Divo and its tens of millions of pounds worth of engineering and engineering get left in the dust. Even with the included gain of a minor excess runway at the get started, it cannot capture up with the Tesla despite going marginally faster (153 mph [247 kph] vs 155 mph [250 kph]) as the automobiles roll more than the finish line.

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A 2nd roll race is canceled because the Tesla hits a thing on the return vacation and its decrease front diffuser has to be repaired in advance of it can run again. In trade, we get to see the Divo beat up on a Porsche 911 Turbo S which it does without significantly drama. Then we get to see a couple of exam passes in the Divo, the last of which, evidently, established a new ICE creation car or truck drag racing history.

In the online video, we see it set a time of 9.27 seconds. Previously this 12 months, Vehicle and Driver mentioned that it achieved a 9.1-second quarter mile in the Divo so we’ll depart it to another person else to kind out who’s the document holder. In the final race of the evening, the Tesla and Bugatti get a chance to go head-to-head from a dig.

The benefits are, to put it extremely mildly, underwhelming. As Teslas rather robotically do, it launches a lot like an actual lightning bolt and rips absent from the get started line. The Bugatti, on the other hand, inspite of possessing start regulate engaged, lackadaisically rolls off of the line and by means of significantly of very first equipment just before ultimately implementing its total motor electric power.

Brooks from DragTimes suggests at the close of the video clip that he’s not certain what happened but it is not the very first time that he’s had issues receiving a Bugatti to hook up. We hope to see a rematch where each individual motor vehicle performs at its ideal.


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