Allen Hitch 4-Bike Rack Review


FAQs About the Allen Sports Bike Rack

You’ve got questions. The Drive has answers.

Q. What is the weight limit on this rack? 

A. Allen claims 140 pounds, so I would be just over the limit to be carried on this rack (by about 60 pounds or so). Not that you’d buy this to transport me. That would be weird. If you don’t want to do the math, that’s a 35-pounds-per-bike average.

Q. Can this rack lock your bikes in place? 

A. Nope, it just straps them down. You would have to purchase a lock that winds through each bike and then around the rack or the vehicle. 

Q. How big is this rack? 

A. The entire apparatus is 36 inches tall, and the bike rack itself measures 13.25 inches wide by 26 inches long. The bottom two-inch insert is 15.25 inches long.

Q. Will this fit all bike types? 

A. Well, maybe not one of those weird recumbent bikes, but other than that, yeah. I’ve had my men’s mountain bike, my wife’s mountain bike, our 7-year-old’s bike, and even a tagalong bike attached, all without issue. 

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