Borla Exhausts Are the Industry Leader in Performance Aftermarket Exhaust Systems.


What can a Borla performance exhaust system do for your vehicle? It can increase the horsepower of your engine, for starters. A Borla exhaust creates a situation where the engine is suddenly able to pump more air, so air flow is increased. The only thing you have to worry about is whether or not your car’s fuel management system can get enough fuel to the engine to keep up with your Borla exhaust!

What Borla Exhaust Systems Can Do For You

You will also improve your car’s gas mileage when you install a Borla performance exhaust. That’s because what a superior-quality exhaust system does is to increase airflow <em>from</em> your engine, which means your cylinders empty out faster and more completely. This paves the way for increased airflow <em>into</em> your engine/cylinders. The more airflow into your engine, the more oxygen is rushing in to fuel your engine. That means more horsepower when you are trying to power up, or if you’re just cruising, it means better efficiency. So yes, you will be using less fuel and you’ll be using it more efficiently.

An exhaust manufactured by Borla sounds different than your car’s factory exhaust. It’s deeper, more mellow. It’s not a noisy monster sound- remember this is highly engineered, top quality production here. Borla engineers work very hard to fine-tune the tonal qualities of their exhaust systems. You’ll get strength without brute force. You’ll get the sound of elegant power. Turn up the deeper elements of sound without turning up the volume. You’ll get improved tonal quality, not just more noise.

Borla makes the best aftermarket exhaust systems, but some car manufacturers use Borla systems as their factory standard. Borla also produces exhaust systems for OEM markets which means they have to be “emissions legal” in all 50 states.

How Borla is Different From the Rest

Bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to exhaust systems. Borla knows that you can’t just stick a bigger pipe on your system and get better performance. There’s a formula for pipe size and rate of air outflow… the pipe can actually be too large, thus reducing efficiency.

Cars with Borla exhaust systems have won more races than any other brand. With such a track record it’s safe to say this company knows a thing or two about mufflers and the rest of the exhaust system.

Borlas’ Products are Made of the Finest Materials

Borla products are made of stainless steel. As you may or may not know, there are several grades of stainless steel: your new-model car may have come with a stainless steel exhaust but what’s the quality of the metal? Chances are, it’s low-quality cheap steel that won’t last long. Borla products use a superior stainless steel that’s stronger, has superior hardness qualities and the best ductility. There’s also a lot of nickel and chromium. These metals, which combine with the steel to form a superior steel alloy, reduce corrosion. You won’t find these high-grade expensive metals in factory standard exhaust systems.

From design to production, Borla products are the best in the industry.

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