Brake Repair for an Anti-Lock Braking System


How much do you know about brake repair and your anti-lock braking system (ABS)? Make sure that you are informed the next time you take your vehicle in for work. This system has three main components that ensure it functions properly including the electronic control unit (ECU), hydraulics, and speed sensors. Each one is necessary to ensure that you when press you foot onto the pedal, the vehicle comes to a stop quickly and efficiently.

Electronic Control Unit

If you go in for a brake repair, your technician may tell you that the electronic control unit needs to be fixed. You are going to need to pay for both the parts and labor to make sure that your vehicle gets back on the road. Some people don’t believe that this is an integral part of their braking system. You may hear from other people that you can just connect the system in order to get the light to go off on your dashboard.

Can this be done? Yes. Does it put you are some risk? Yes. There is a reason that the manufacturer put a light on the dash to let you know that something is wrong with the brakes. Remember that you will not find an auto shop that will unplug the system for you. You will need to take it home and do it yourself, making you personally responsible for any issues that this causes.


This part of your braking system features things like calipers and wheel cylinders. If you need a brake repair and your technician suggesting replacing or fixing any of these parts, take his or her advice right away. Continued damage to this part of the system could cause problems in the performance of your vehicle. When you skip over these repairs, you can set yourself up for an expensive auto shop bill in the near future.

Speed Sensors

If you have ABS, your vehicle has a speed sensor for each wheel. It checks how fast the tires and wheels are rotating and if one begins to go more slowly than the others, the system decreases the pressure of the hydraulics to make sure that the brakes will still work efficiently. On the other hand, if a wheel begins to turn more quickly than the others, the pressure is increased. This happens numerous times while you are driving and in most cases, you probably do not even realize it is going on. Much like the other parts, if there is a problem with a speed sensor, replacement is usually the best alternative.

A brake repair can be costly but there are things you can do to avoid these issues. Set up a maintenance plan with an auto shop near you. When you go in for an oil change, ask to have your brakes checked or you can set up an appointment for a complete inspection of your brakes. Either way, a professional can let you know how the system is working.

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