Bumper Repair – 5 Myths Debunked


Bumper repair is the most common car body repair carried out in the United Kingdom. The reason for this is fairly obvious – bumpers are designed to take the impact first of any kind of collision: that is why they protrude from the front and rear of every car.

Within the mobile smart repair industry there are a number of myths regarding bumper damage and this article will address five of them:

1. It is cheaper to replace a bumper than have it replaced

There is no way that this is remotely true. A new bumper, prepped and painted for a late model BMW can cost you over £1400 when fitted by a main dealer with OEM parts. Even using a cheaper, imported bumper and a local car body shop will cost you well over £500. A mobile smart repair can be carried out on the bumper from around £100. For major scuffs, dents and scrapes all over the bumper you can still expect to pay less than £300

2. Plastic bumpers need repairing less than metal bumpers

The idea behind this myth is that plastic can “give” more than metal and therefore bounces back into position after minor collisions. What actually happens with all modern plastic bumpers is that the plastic deforms very easily when it impacts on something else. This is by design – a bumper is there to take the brunt of the energy imparted by a collision to protect the car and the occupants of a car.

3. It is cheaper to Do It Yourself with bumper repair

Whilst it may look cheaper on paper when you compare the cost of a bumper repair kit (£30) against a mobile smart repair on the bumper (£125), the process of actually fixing this type of bumper damage is fairly complex and specialist tools are required to get a perfect repair at the end. It is very unlikely an amateur can restore a modern plastic bumper to any kind of acceptable standard. In fact a lot of bumper repairs involve fixing the damage done by a DIYer.

4. A mobile smart repair is never as good as a replacement part.

In fact a replacement bumper still needs to be repainted before it is put on your car so you cannot avoid having paintwork applied to any restoration or replacement. Modern smart repair techniques can match your car paint work exactly to the manufacturer’s standard and the results are often invisible.

5. Scratch repair and dent repair are the same thing

Not at all. The techniques involved for the two types of repair can sometimes be similar but just as often can be completely different. An expert at dent removal is not necessarily good at repairing scratches. A full mobile smart repair technician should be an expert at both types of repair.

Bumper repair is a specialist car body repair carried out by mobile smart repair technicians and can increase the value of your vehicle

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