Car Rental In Doha – Is It Right Choice of Transport For You?


Planning a visit to Doha, Qatar? Before you go, you should ask yourself whether car rental in Doha is right option for you or not. Doha is a modern metropolis in many ways, but getting around the city is one of the biggest issues in Doha due to unreliable public transport and hectic driving.

Public Transport vs. Car Rental In Doha

Before you go, ask yourself three crucial, still simple questions:

1. Are You Limited by Time?

Not everyone has all the time in this world to travel as free as a bird. Calculate your net time you are going to spend in Doha, add famous places you want to see and distance between Doha and other cities in Qatar you plan to visit. For example: Al Wakrah Museum is 20 km out of Doha, Al Shahaneya and Dukhan lie almost 100 km away from the capital. If you sum up that you can’t afford being dependent on public transportation schedules, there is probably a fair chance, that car rental in Doha will suite your demands.

2. Do You Like Crowds and Delays?

Mentality and lifestyle in Arabic world is very different from western way of life. Sense of time in Doha is not conducted by hurry or plans. Get used to »take it easy« philosophy. Impatience will only ruin your vacation. Easy going mode applies also to public transport. Local mini buses are usually overcrowded and many times they carry more passengers than legally allowed. Frequent delays are part of schedules. In fact many mini buses or shared taxis will leave when all the seats get sold out. Waiting in this case can prolong into several hours.If you think this couldn’t affect your itinerary plans, go for public transport in Doha.

3. Are You Skilled Driver?

Driving in Qatar is on the right side of the road.If used driving on the left lane, think twice whether you are ready for such a change. In case you don’t feel confident driving on the right side it is better – for your and other’s safety – don’t drive. The most hectic traffic situations are in Doha downtown area in the time of rush hours.

By now you probably got the picture what in terms of getting around in Doha awaits for you. However, car hire is widely available, and is generally considered quite cheap with the low price of petrol and almost no parking fees anywhere. The choice is yours.

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