Car Rental In Muscat – A Few Things You Ought To Know Before You Take The Road


When in Muscat, renting a car can save you a lot of commuting time and hassles. However, before you go make sure that you understand the traffic rules and driving prerequisites demanded by the Roman Oman Police (ROP).

Driving License And Insurance Requirements

If you are on a short-term visit, and decide go for car rental in Muscat, then, you must possess a valid International Driver’s license to avail the services. Even a U.S. driving license will do.

It is mandatory for anybody who is renting a car to make adequate arrangements for obtaining insurances against injury, damage of vehicle or even death. Most rental agencies will provide you these covers by including it in the rent, but in the event they do not, you will have to arrange for the same on your own.

Jumping A Red Light Can Cost You Dearly!

Traffic rules in Oman and particularly in Muscat can be quite severe even according to U.S. standards. Offenses like jumping a red light will result in non-bailable detention for up to 48 hours including tertiary legal action in some serious cases like confiscation of one’s passport, driving license.

Other Traffic Violations To Avoid

Driving under the influence of alcohol, not wearing seat belts when driving and talking on the cell phone when on the road are other severe violations of traffic rules. If caught doing so, then you could be severely fined with further action like imprisonment and deportation.

Driving Mannerisms

Traffic circles are very common in Muscat. However, the thing to remember is that the vehicle in the inner lane has right of way. Furthermore, you cannot turn right on a red light unless, the sign for doing so is present on that intersection.

If a car behind you is flashing the high beam continuously, then it wants to overtake you. It will be a smart thing to let the driver do so.

In case of any road mishap, call the ROP hotline – 9999, and do not leave the scene until the authorities arrives.

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