Dream Home Along Mount Panorama Circuit’s Fastest Straight Hits the Market on July 30


Busybody NIMBYs will have you believe that being within earshot of a racetrack will make your property values tank. But as anyone who has sought out
trackside real estate would know, that’s pure bogus—buying some of the best seats in the house most certainly comes at a premium. So proves the property at 489 Conrod Straight which, as its name implies, sits alongside the fastest straight of Australia’s best-known racecourse: Mount Panorama Circuit.

Often known simply by its city of residence—Bathurst—Mount Panorama is an internationally acclaimed track that actually serves as a public road for most of the year. Come time for the Bathurst 12 Hour or Bathurst 1000 endurance races, however, the circuit closes to the public to become a nearly 3.9-mile racecourse, one known for its 571 feet of elevation change, fast corners, and claustrophobically narrow tarmac. Mount Panorama is so tight, in fact, that the fastest class to actually race there is the lowly GT3 category, though Formula 1 cars have occasionally made exhibition laps, albeit at reduced pace.

Not being a full-time racing facility, the resulting lack of noise pollution is part of what makes the land at 489 Conrod Straight alongside the straight of the same name so appealing. Listed for sale for the first time since 1932, or six years before the track opened, the property sits on 17 acres of land, which are home to a private orchard and multiple residences. The two houses on the premises offer a combined six bedrooms and three bathrooms, making them roomy enough for either a sizable family or a modest race team.

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