EV Startup Deus to Reveal Vayanne EV Supercar in NYC Next Month

  • A new electric startup from Austria, Deus Automobiles, will unveil its first car, the Vayanne supercar, at the New York auto show next month.
  • Deus provided some dark teaser shots showing a low-slung car with mid-engine proportions.
  • The Vayanne will have “technical support” from Italdesign and Williams Advanced Engineering.

    There’s a new electric startup in town. Yes, we know a new automaker seems to crop up nearly every week, showing off fantastical renderings of sleek EVs and touting supercar performance figures before slowly fading into obscurity when the hype dies down and the cash dries up. But the latest entrant, Deus Automobiles, which will reveal its first car next month at the New York auto show, might find more success thanks to two experienced partners, Italdesign and Williams Advanced Engineering.

    deus vayanne

    Deus Automobiles

    Deus Automobiles, based in Austria, has released teaser images for its first vehicle, the Vayanne, which the company says is named for Austria’s capital, Vienna. The dark images don’t reveal much, but we can clearly see a low-slung, mid-engine shape, large intakes in the front bumper, and slim LED headlights. The curve of the front end and the vertical headlights give it a whiff of Hennessey Venom F5, but we will have to wait for the full reveal to truly judge the Vayanne’s design.

    deus vayanne

    Deus Automobiles

    Deus hasn’t mentioned any performance specifications just yet, but the company has said that the Vayanne gains “technical support” from Italdesign, the famed design house started by Giorgetto Giugiaro, and Williams Advanced Engineering, an offshoot of the Williams Formula 1 team that has provided batteries for Formula E and Extreme E. The extent of the support from these two iconic brands is unclear, and Deus Automobiles could certainly end up being yet another electric pipe dream, but the involvement of those design and engineering powerhouses make us excited for the Vayanne’s reveal at the New York auto snow on April 13.

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