Ford Mustangs Crash-Tested by the NHTSA Are Your Cheapest Ticket Into Pony Car Ownership


Unfortunately, the interior shots didn’t include a good view of the instrument cluster, so the mileage is still a mystery. I suppose it’s at least easier to surmise the damage to these vehicles now because according to NHTSA, they can only be used for parts. Yes, they say that it’s illegal to repair these vehicles and drive them on the highway, and when you buy them you must agree not to do so. That doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of valuable parts still intact, though. 

Aside from the drivetrain, one can imagine that all of the wheels are still salvageable, the headlights are in good shape, and much of the interior can probably be pulled out of both cars. Even some body panels—at least, the ones on the non-crashed sides—are likely still good to go. Many other mechanical components like the driveshaft, radiator, rear end, and others could still be good, too.

These cars are also going pretty cheap right now. They’re both involved in auctions, so prices will certainly increase, but the yellow Mustang has been bid to $2,469, while the maroon machine is bid even lower at $1,247. It would be pretty easy to part these things out and make a healthy profit, and there are loads of other crash-tested cars for sale on the GSA Auctions website. 

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