Here’s How to Tell If Your Prime Day “Deal” Is Really A Deal


Amazon Prime Day is one of the biggest online shopping events each year, and this year’s conveniently situated on next Monday and Tuesday — June 21-22 — is expected to be even bigger and better than ever. It’s like Black Friday but in June! Thousands of products are expected to see serious price drops, meaning you could score great bargains. Are all of them worth it though?

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While there are sure to be awesome deals available on everything from Amazon gadgets to tools to outdoor gear and more, there’s an awful lot of hype around Prime Day deals. And you don’t want to make the mistake assuming every deal available on Prime Day 2021 is actually a great buy.

Before you jump on any Prime Day deal, you’re going to want to make sure it’s worth the hype and your hard-earned money. You need to do your research first so you can know for certain if the price you’re about to pay is truly a good low price. Are those low prices really the lowest available? Are these deals as sweet as they seem? Those are the questions you’ll need to answer. 

Let’s take a look at how to best score the perfect Prime Day deal. 

Do Some Research 

Doing some quick and easy research before buying any Prime Day products isn’t just smart, it’s also the best way to make sure you’re really getting a deal. 

Historically, the products that see the lowest prices and biggest discounts on Prime Day are Amazon-branded ones. Tech gadgets in particular always see big discounts — for example, Echo speakers and devices, Kindle e-readers, and Fire TVs and TV sticks. Many of these Amazon products even go on sale well ahead of Prime Day to get shoppers excited about the deals still to come, so you may not have to wait for Prime Day itself.

Non-Amazon products can be a bit trickier. They can definitely go on sale — items from headphones to automotive accessories to toolkits to car-care products have been discounted during past Prime Day events — but you need to make sure you’re paying a great price instead of just a “meh” price.

Here’s how you’ll know for sure if a Prime Day deal is really a deal: use online price-comparison tools. These tools actually track the prices of millions of products available on Amazon, and they can show you an item’s price over time, helping you determine if the product you want to buy ever sees lower prices or even bigger sales. 

You can turn to sites like Keepa, LightningDrops, and CamelCamelCamel to do this quick and easy research. Keepa provides detailed price history charts and offers both availability and low-price alerts; LightningDrops allows you to set up alerts for product price drops; CamelCamelCamel works similarly and also offers Camelizer, a browser plug-in that’ll help you check pricing history right on the Amazon website while you shop. If you spot a lower price in a product’s history than what’s being offered on Prime Day, you’ll know that deal isn’t one to jump on.

Using these sites will allow you to never just assume Prime Day deals are the best possible prices, you’ll know.

Amazing Amazon Prime Membership Perks

What you also have to remember is that Prime Day deals are available only for Prime members. If you aren’t a member, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of Amazon’s free 30-day trial membership offer. You can sign up today and become a Prime member just in time for next week without paying a single cent. Once Prime Day ends, you could just cancel your trial membership and walk away with all those great Prime Day deals.

What you’ll get in that free trial period isn’t just Prime Day access or free delivery, but also Amazon Fresh grocery delivery, free delivery of groceries from Whole Foods Market, Prime Now, Prime Video for things like “The Grand Tour,” “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” and “The Boys,” and Prime Music, letting you stream millions of free songs and albums any time you want.

So sign up for your free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime today. You’ll get access to all those amazing Amazon benefits, plus you’ll get first dibs on all those great deals on Amazon Prime Day 2021. Just make sure that you can’t find a better deal on the same product elsewhere.

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