Home Depot’s Husky Torque Wrenches Are On Sale


There’s nothing more frustrating than buying something you desperately need or want, only to have it go on sale a short time later. This happened to us this week when one of our favorite torque wrenches, one we just reviewed, and we’re kinda annoyed it’s already in our stable.

Just because we paid full price for the Husky 50-250 ft.-lbs. Torque Wrench, however, you don’t have to as right now, this essential tool for all amateur mechanics is marked down substantially at Home Depot. Not only will you save an impressive $30 on the 1/2-inch drive version we reviewed and liked a lot, but you’ll additionally save $20 on the 3/8-inch-drive Husky. Sorry, folks, the 1/4-drive is still listed at its full price.

As for bonafides, Executive Editor Tony Markovitch called the Husky 1/2-inch drive torque wrench “big and sturdy,” “vastly superior” to some of its more-renowned (and often pricier) competition, and especially raved about Home Depot’s “solid” lifetime warranty, which guarantees replacement — for any reason.

Furthermore, Tony particularly liked the Husky’s straightforward useability, calling it “a breeze” to work with. Getting the blister package open seemed to be the hardest part about using it, as no initial calibration was required. The handle was comfortable, and the audible “click” when it reached its set torque level was loud and clear.

All that’s great, but the best part about this Husky torque wrench is that Home Depot has so many ways to get it into your (or your dad’s) greasy hands. Order it today and you can pick it up same-day at your local store. Have it shipped, and it’ll arrive at the house in just a few days (depending on where you live, of course.) For a fee, you can get expedited shipping, which practically guarantees it arrives in time for Father’s Day this Sunday, June 22

So we’re gonna go out to the garage and grouse about how we missed out on this great deal. You, on the other hand, should feel free to rub it in our faces by ordering it today, saving almost 40{238954a7177ad4ea76334dec149dc9c7585cf97688643acb70da401e7ff37a58}, and telling us all about it in the comments below, you jerks.

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