It’s about to get a whole lot easier to register your car in Ontario


Doug Ford is now well into his fourth year as Premier of Ontario, though his government has noticeably ramped up efforts to win over voters in recent months with all sorts of new programs and rebates that were curiously absent back in 2018 when the brash politician won the premiership.

The latest in a campaign of election-year perks was announced on Tuesday when the Ontario government unveiled its new Digital Dealership Registration (DDR) program, a long-overdue move from the archaic system that streamlines the vehicle registration process.

The DDR program allows car dealerships to register vehicles online and dole out permits and licence plates directly to purchasers almost immediately after a sale, turning over 7,000 of these dealerships into one-stop shops where drivers can get all their registration and licence headaches ironed out.

Dealerships will be given access to an online program that will replace the piles of paperwork and trips to ServiceOntario centres, significantly cutting down on the latter service’s administrative burden. It also means you’re less likely to see those confusing temporary dealer plates in the rear windows of cars.

“Implementing the new Digital Dealership Registration process is yet another way our government is cutting red tape for businesses and improving the speed and ease with which Ontarians access government services,” said Ross Romano, Minister of Government and Consumer Services.

So-called “red tape” is an oft-repeated PC Party buzzword, which usually translates to the elimination of restrictions, sometimes as baffling as the slashing of environmental protections, and often for the sake of improving the ease of doing business in the province.

The PC government has even shoehorned in a cabinet position to fight red tape, with Nina Tangri serving as Associate Minister of Small Business and Red Tape Reduction. In a press release issued on Tuesday, Tangri said that the DDR will allow customers to “enjoy their new vehicle sooner.”

And it won’t just be a few cars cleared through this new process, the province claiming that the “DDR will help move online up to 4.8 million dealership registration transactions annually including the registration of pre-owned vehicles, vehicle transfers, and vehicle permit replacements, all of which must currently be conducted in person.”

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