‘Japan’s First Supercar’ Gets New Life as Toyota Restarts 2000GT Parts Production


Scarcely two decades after Japanese industry was ravaged by the loss of World War II, the Toyota 2000GT helped put the country’s automakers on the map. It set three world records for speed and endurance, appeared as a Bond car in You Only Live Twice, and in the Twenteens, became the first Japanese-built car to fetch over $1 million at auction, cementing its place as an icon of early Japanese motoring. Now, 50 years after its discontinuation, Toyota will reestablish support for the 2000GT by reproducing crucial parts for its original halo car, under its GR Heritage Parts program.

Launched earlier this year to supply owners of third- and fourth-generation Supras with new-old parts, GR Heritage Parts will soon sell a selection of driveline components for the long-unsupported 2000GT. Practically every piece required to rebuild a 2000GT’s transmission or differential, from gears to snap rings, gaskets, and even special bolts will soon be available through Toyota dealerships worldwide. To prevent scalping of these limited-availability, special-order parts, Toyota will only sell these components to current 2000GT owners, which will only be able to purchase them in limited quantities—again, to prevent selfish financial speculators from skimming off the top.

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