LEGO London Bus Kit Father’s Day Deal


Father’s Day is Sunday, June 22. That’s this Sunday. Now, you could get your dad a Father’s Day present like some random tool (that he probably already has), or this sweet Mequiar’s detailing kit. But what message does a gift like that send to dear ol’ dad? “Here’s some more work for you, Dad!” Instead, spend some quality time with Pops this Sunday by putting together this amazing LEGO London Bus Kit. 

What better way to spend Father’s Day than working together on a fun project? Or, save it for a rainy day. Either way, the message here is far more thoughtful: “Let’s spend some time together, Dad!” Best of all, this kit is $40 off right now.

Order the LEGO London Bus Kit 10258 today, and chances are pretty good that Walmart can have it on Dad’s doorstep by Sunday (although you may have to pay for expedited shipping). Normally priced at $139.99, right now you can pick it up for just $99.95.

LEGO kits are a great way to spend quality time doing something creative. And when you share the building experience, it can be a lot of fun—even with grumpy dads. With 1686 pieces, this kit is perfect for hours of entertainment.

London’s iconic double-decker buses have a certain charm, and this kit captures their intricacy and detail like only LEGO can—one brick at a time. Featuring a wealth of authentic details including a panoramic windshield, standard-tread tires, a destination sign (note that it’s headed to “Brickston”), and an open rear boarding deck with a hand pole, ticket bin, fire extinguisher, and a spiral staircase that leads to the upper deck. It’s got active functions too, including an opening hood with a visible engine, a detailed driver’s cab with sliding door, and a removable roof and upper deck for access to the remarkably detailed interior.

That interior is amazing. With worn-look seating, a forgotten umbrella, a discarded newspaper, empty beverage cans, and chewing gum wrappers strewn about, the authenticity is striking. It also features reversible transit posters, with either a 1950s or present-day London advertisement.

This LEGO® Creator Expert model was designed to provide a challenging and rewarding building experience with a touch of nostalgia and charm. Still, it’s a super-challenging set—which means Dad will dive in with both hands to get it done. Dads are like that.

Measuring 7″H x  13”L x 5”W, this model is scaled for shelf display alongside other models in the LEGO® Creator Expert vehicle series.

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