MAGID Y50BKAFGY Iconic Y50 Design Series Safety Glasses Review


FAQs about Magid Iconic Y50 Safety Glasses

The Drive’s editors aren’t psychic, so to answer other frequently asked questions, we scrolled through Google’s People Also Ask section for any other questions that needed answering.

Q. Which safety glasses are best?

A. The best safety glasses are the ones you wear. In this case, the Magid Iconic Y50 safety glasses are comfortable and stylish, which means they are more likely to be worn.

Q. What makes safety glasses safe?

A. Safety glasses are designed to keep things from getting into your eyes, including dust, sparks, splinters, shavings, and bright light, so the more things they keep out of your eyes, the safer a pair of safety glasses are considered to be.

Q. Can I get prescription safety glasses?

A. Yes, but not with Magid. They are, however, roomy enough to wear over prescription glasses.

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