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After recently becoming the official UK stockist for German detailing brand Nanolex Car Care, we are pleased to announce that their brand new Professional Range has now been added to our website alongside the existing offering!


We received word from Nanolex HQ in Germany late last year that these exciting new products were on the way and the general feedback from all those who have a thing for Nanolex has been one of great anticipation.

The new-look line-up not only features a fresh looking design on the bottle, but an all important re-formulation within. The concentrated products will happily cater for all interior and exterior treatments, with the pro-range including dedicated products for cleaning and dressing areas such as wheels, paintwork, engine bays, interiors and glass.


Here’s a selection of a few of the best from Nanolex below, all of which are in stock and available for purchase via the links.

Nanolex Professional APC £9.90

From the new Nanolex Professional offering, Nanolex Professional APC is a brand new all purpose cleaner which is going to help with a number of different detailing jobs. Suitable for use just about anywhere on the external surface of a car, including in and around badges, grills, door shuts, boot shuts or engine bays. Nanolex Professional APC will foam up nicely and dwell on your designated surface, ensuring all dirt and contamination is safely tackled.

  • Loosen dirt, grease, road film & more from the car surface
  • Offers a rich & stable foam for an extra long dwell time
  • Contains high performance builders and surfactants
  • Excellent wetting and permeating properties
  • Contains biodegradable & environmentally safe ingredients
  • Dilute from 1:1 – 1:10

Nanolex Professional Shampoo £11.90

Nanolex Professional Shampoo is a highly dilutable product which provides a pH neutral solution for safely washing all exterior surfaces on a car. The high-foam, high-slip shampoo will not strip or remove any pre-existing wax layers or ceramic sealants, instead it will gently remove contamination and inject life into surfaces that were previously run-down and dirty. Phosphate and NTA free, Professional Shampoo remains powerful enough to strip the toughest of winter grime without compromising surfaces that are already protected.

  • pH neutral car shampoo
  • Gentle cleaning formulation, yet powerful
  • High foaming shampoo with plenty of slip qualities
  • Highly dilutable
  • Phosphate & NTA free

Nanolex Professional Final Finish £14.90

Nanolex Professional Final Finish is a highly-concentrated product suitable for daily use when you’re looking to safely and quickly remove the likes of dust, bird droppings or other surface contaminants. Final Finish is a versatile product which will not only help with gentle cleaning tasks, but also increase shine levels on paintwork, enhancing any existing wax layers, whilst also leaving behind a hydrophobic surface layer to treated areas.

  • Safely & quickly removes dust, bird droppings or other surface contaminations
  • Effective water spot remover
  • Enhance existing wax protection
  • Increase shine levels
  • Adds a hydrophobic surface layer
  • Gentle formulation for daily use

The full range of Nanolex Professional products can be found here.

Have a question on any of our products? Email [email protected] or call 01474 360 360.  
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