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Hyster forklifts are manufactured and distributed by an American company NACCO materials handling Group. They have dealers all around the world, Adaptalift is currently the Australian soledealer for the new Hyster Forklift range.

The Hyster DX forklift range came out after theHyster XM range of forklifts, starting from 1998 through to 2006. The Hyster DX forklift range was superseded by the Hyster TX range of forklift.

The Hyster 2.00 – H3.00 X – DX forklift range where manufactured at NMHG’s Japanese based plant, and imported into the Australian market. Design wise they where a huge jump forward from the XM range.

Hyster forklifts purpose with these trucks where to make a forklift that would outperform and outlast their nearest price competitor which was the Toyota 7 series range.

Some basic improvements from the XM range

Service intervals – Where increased up to 3000 hours between routine services, which allowed for the End user to have a saving in maintenance costs.

Warranty – the introduced a 3 year warranty option, although standard was still the 1200hour s12 month, their three year warranty was increase to 3 year 3600 hours (conditions did apply).

Hyster Parts promise – now this is where it gets tricks, they always had a Woolworth s promise for their parts, if you found a Hyster part elsewhere cheaper they would beat it by 10%. All good to promise it, not sure really how often something like this would get used, as its generally emergency breakdowns that facilitate needing most forklift parts.

Side access panels – They changed their engine bay access to include swing away side panels and forward tilting bonnets, which allowed for a greater access for the technician that had to service the forklift.

Floor panels – They also included lift away floor panels,which when you use the side access panels, you get great unrestricted access to the engine and drive train. Technicians tend to love this, as forklifts are notoriously hard to work on.

Steering – The hydrostatic steering has been around for awhile, but Hyster redesigned this with 40% less serviced parts.

Dash – The dash was redesigned with a steel finish in mind, allowing for a great wear and durability.

Cab mounting – The driver cab is suspended on the chassis at 4 points and with the steel axle rubber block mounts. results in a pretty comfortable ride and does extend the component life due to vibration and road shock, also helping the operators with back issues.

Operator Cabin Design

Hyster Forklifts certainly changed their operate cabin enough to notice the difference between the Xm’s and the DX’s.

Hyster have a few unique things about them, with the operator hydraulic functions being standard next to the seat, as well as the monotrol pedals, which allows for direction and acceleration in the one pedal. A word to the wise the monotrol pedals takes a bit of getting use to, We’re not really fans of it, but when operators get used to it, they love it.

Instrument panel

There really isn’t anything new here with all the standard things included, such as. Gauges for hour meter coolant temperature and fuel, warning lights, charge circuit, engine oil pressure, auto transmission oil temperature, fasten seat belt, glow plug and fuel sediment Diesel only. with Air restrictions, brake fluid level and low coolant warning lights being optional.

The steering Column also tilts to suit the operator position, they included a larger nonslip side steps in the frame.


They had quite a few options to choose from, if your now looking at them second hand, its worth popping the hood too see what’s under there.

Generally they came in twp options LPG or Diesel, it would be pretty rare to find petrol or duel fuel option with these forklifts

The LPG /petrol engine options

Mazda M4-2.0G engine or the Mazda M4-2.2 G engine.

The Diesel engine options

Mazda M4-2.5D engine or the M4-3.0G engine.

Optional Equipment

Hyster forklifts generally give you a lot of optional extra’s to consider, Hyster Dx range were no different, so just double check what you are looking at if you are purchasing a Second hand Hyster DX forklift.

Integral sideshift carriage – This types of integral mounted sideshift carriages allowed for a higher capacity and reduced overall truck length.

Seat – the Sears Lo-rider semi suspension seat

Wheels – They also offer a dual wheel option. If you are looking at a second hand option, don’t worry just talk to your local forklift dealer about getting a aftermarket kit fitted.

Tyres – Ex factory they came with Pneumatics but you could also get solid Puncture proof tyres, or non marking green or white tyres.

Cooling system, anti plugging – A beefed up copper tube and fin radiator.

Manual Transmission – This was offered but we are willing to bet, none came into Australia

Levers – there where quite a few options here to consider, being hand/foot controls for Forward/Reverse Levers, hand controls with manual transmission.

Light and warning instruments – A full light and warning kit option was also included,

Weather Cover – Rain protections, include windscreen and wiper, rear and side curtains with roll-up and tiip-up type.

Exhaust and air system – a vertical exhaust or dual elements

Valve and hosing – its standard with 2 valves, but can run 4 valves, very easily. Allowing for a lot of extra accessories on the forklift, such as push pull attachments.

This range of forklift was a bread and butter range for Hyster, sold into and around the Asia pacific region. Between 1998 and 2007, eventually being replaced by the TX range. The average retail price new was anywhere between $25 000 and $35 000, depending on what options you where looking at.

You can find a used Hyster Dx Forklift for any where between $5 000 – $15 000 again depending on condition and age. Being a Mazda engine, its pretty easy to find parts for servicing and maintenance. As a second hand option these forklifts are suited, to a 25 hour a week or lower application, as they are starting to age.

But looked after and serviced regularly, you should have them last for decades to come. so talk to your local dealer if your re interested in buying a second hand Hyster DX forklift.

Examples of Hyster forklift for sale

2001 Hyster H2.50DX

2000 Hyster H2.50DX

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