Porsche’s New Nationwide Used Car Search Is a Gift to Fans Everywhere


Usually, a nationwide search for the perfect used car involves browsing a ton of ads and calling specific dealerships. It’s a huge time-suck. Now there’s a new tool from Porsche that lets you search used Porsche inventory from 192 of its dealerships across the United States: the Porsche Finder

“It’s part of expanding digital customer services at Porsche Cars North America and the latest initiative to make Porsche more accessible during the pandemic,” a Porsche corporate spokesperson said via email.

What would be the perfect tool for any time is especially relevant now that many of us need to limit contact outside the home.

Porsche found that over 50 percent of its used vehicle searches came from mobile devices alone, so the Porsche Finder is a huge help for a large chunk of shoppers even under normal circumstances.

The Porsche Finder is beautiful, even if you’re waiting on “disposable income” to be a reality again. To test this out, I searched for my exact dream track day tow vehicle and was able to select most of the major options that used Porsche buyers care about, including model year, model trim, transmission, price, major options, and both interior and exterior colors. 

While you can’t search for specific interior colors or every wild option that Porsche’s online configurators are known for, listings include detailed photos so you can see if the owner spec’d those red seat belts or yellow gauges you desire. 

This is a great way to play the long game with a used car search, too. If you’re wondering what the real-world market price is for a newer Porsche, this is a great way to track it. 

There’s one caveat if you’re looking for the perfect classic 911. There aren’t many older models on the site at present, although that’s also usually the case with most Porsche dealerships. You can still search for important or mass production models throughout Porsche’s history including the 550 Spyder, the 914 and the 959—just in case. 

Whether you’re actually shopping or passing some time, this is great, and hopefully it starts a trend among other automakers. You can browse the Porsche Finder for yourself over here

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