The Kickflip Wheelchair Project


Hello, I have been skateboarding for over 25 years and have always loved the sport since I could first ride my friends broken in half skateboard down our street.

I wanted to write this article to let everyone out there know some of the cool new stuff going on with skateboarding today. Specifically the collaborative project called “The Kickflip Wheelchair”. This idea is the brainchild of theFUZZco, who are a skate company and group of artists as well.

This non profit project is to raise funds and awareness for the LA childrens hospital Center for Metabolic and Mitochondrial Disorders. Two other companies also have teamed up with theFUZZco to help the project along. Both Russ Ward Auto Shop and Air Engineering used their resources and expertise to turn this vision into a reality. They have created a really unique specially tricked out wheelchair. By using Unique graphics and designs along with HL2 Wheels, skate deck footrests and graphics by theFUZZco also!

This chair is designed to make the overall look and experience better for the user and to help raise awareness to this great cause.Besides awareness and fund raising all involved know this will help raise the spirits of the brave children suffering from these disorders.The initial base chair used to build on was kindly donated by the California Medical Pharmacy.

Wondering where this cool idea gets its name? Some people might not know what a kickflip is.This trick when done properly allows the skater to literally kick his board into a full 360 spin rotation then land back on it again. It was first known as The Magic Flip with guys like Rodney Mullen and other freestyle pros at the time really using the trick a lot in their routines and contests. This is one of the defining tricks of skateboarding like the ollie and 360 flip so it’s a great name to give to such a cool project for helping out kids with special needs!

The Kickflip Wheelchair will be officially presented at the CHLA 5 Kilometer walk for children on Arpil the 30th 2011

with one of Dr. Richard Boles of the CHLA patients name Zack. Both Zack and his mom are excited to see the final product and for him to take the first spin on the new trickled out chair.

“We are very excited to see the completed kickFLIP Wheelchair and to have Zach’s first ride be at the CHLA 5K” said, Jennifer Haught, Zachary’s mother.

This unveiling also celebrates and sets off the opening of the new hospital. I’m for one thrilled about this project and I think it puts skateboarding in a great light and helps a great cause.

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