The Safest Volvo You Can Buy Right Now Is Probably This Spartan Military Off-Roader


The engine is a 300TDI Land Rover lump that makes modest power—111 horsepower and 195 pound-feet from the factory. That’s nothing to worry about thanks to the truck’s incredibly low gearing which, in combination with the five-speed manual, can propel it up and over almost any obstacle at a slow crawl. Of course, 37-inch mud-terrain tires also play a hand in its massive capabilities, and a roof-mounted intake keeps water out of the totally mechanical power plant unless you get in over your head.

An engine heater is fitted as well, making sure the compression-ignition unit will start right up in the dead of winter—that’ll come in handy regardless of if the world crumbles.

Lastly, there’s the required CB radio to communicate with people during your cross-continental trips. That reminds me…to take possession of this truck, you’ll either need to have it shipped or pack up and leave your normal life to drive it in its homeland of Northern Europe. Estonia, to be more specific. Even with all this going on in the world, cargo ships are still operating and can have it delivered to your nearest port in a matter of weeks, which isn’t really that unusual in the space of globe-trotting overlanders.

The Volvo itself will set you back $14,000, which is incredibly cheap considering all the upfitting that’s been done to it. Factor in a few extra grand for transport and you’re still in it for less than a bone-stock, decade-old Toyota Land Cruiser.

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