Used Car Dealers Specializing in Salvage Titles


If you’re interested in getting a great deal on a pre-owned vehicle, you might want to consider used car dealers that specialize in salvage title vehicles. If repaired correctly, these automobiles can be beautiful, reliable cars that have amazingly low miles. Although this method of getting an inexpensive vehicle is not for everyone, it can be perfect for some buyers.

What Is A Salvage Title Vehicle?

A salvage title designation is given to a vehicle that has been damaged in an auto accident. If the insurance company believes that the repair will be too costly, they would rather not pay to fix it. In this case, the owner receives a lump sum of cash to purchase a new auto rather than have the repairs paid for by the insurance company. While the engine and structure of the vehicle may still be sound, the body damages may mark it as a junker.

Dealerships That Fix Them

Since there is still a viable auto beneath the smashed up parts, some used car dealers buy these vehicles at auctions, repair them, and sell them as salvage title pre-owned vehicles. These dealerships have a body shop on the premises and fix them up right there on the spot. Because these business owners want to protect their reputation and get the word out about their methods, they are careful to only buy fairly new, late model vehicles to repair. They also pay attention to what sort of collision the vehicle was involved in. If there was substantial structural damage, they don’t purchase it as it wouldn’t be worth their time to repair. Some of the vehicles that are on the lot are beautiful sports convertibles, SUVs, trucks, and other popular makes and models. These dealerships often offer financing within their organization to make purchasing convenient.

Are they Safe?

These vehicles must be inspected by the local department of motor vehicles before they’re sold by used car dealers. The DMV doesn’t give its green light unless the auto is safe to drive on the public streets. Just because the insurance company opts not to fix them doesn’t mean they’re unfixable.

Buying a pre-owned vehicle from used car dealers that specialize in salvage titles can be a smart way to get a gorgeous auto. While this method might not be for everyone, it can be a creative way to drive a nice vehicle at a reasonable price. It’s also a good way to be eco-friendly because you’re recycling a vehicle that won’t end up in the junk yard too soon.

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