AUKEY DRS1 4K WiFi Dashcam Review


A Car Cam Cinematographer’s FAQs about Dash Cameras

More questions about the AUKEY DRS1 or dashcams? Here’s The Drive’s additional brief. 

Q. It’s Really Got “Sony guts”?

A. It’s Sony Guts! AUKEY crammed a premium Sony Exmor IMX415 8.0-megapixel 4K CMOS sensor into the DRS1.

Q. All Joking Aside, is AUKEY a Good Brand?

A. AUKEY products have been better than good in my experience. They are a budget brand that focuses on quality instead of marketing or packaging. I’m currently typing on an excellent AUKEY gaming keyboard and I’ve owned tons of their gear ranging from car phone mounts and dashcams to an LED bedside table. Nothing disappointed.

Q. Can I Read License Plates in the DRS1’s Videos?

A. Deciphering license plates depends on the motion blur of the video, distance to the car in question, headlight glare on the plate, and other factors beyond the resolution of the video. The 4K sensor does a much better job than the previous-gen 1080p sensors, and in most circumstances license plates are legible.

Q. What’s The Craziest Thing You’ve Caught on Your Car’s Camera?

A. Driving home one evening several years ago, a large fireball meteor streaked across the sky in front of us. I’ve also captured an overloaded truck losing its load of garbage, a family of foxes, and gigabytes of “idiots in cars” worthy of many upvotes on the aptly-named subreddit.

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