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Can you feel the static electricity? Can you feel the buzz? Can you come up with another electricity pun, because we’re all out? While much of the public’s focus on the electric vehicle (EV) revolution has centered around Tesla and its lineup of sedans and crossovers, one of the most profitable segments in the world is trucks, and they won’t be left behind.

Here in the States, trucks are the lifeblood of the automotive industry—seriously. Trucks make up more of new-car sales in the U.S. than any other type of vehicle by far. To put that into perspective, Ford’s most popular offering across its entire lineup is the F-Series pickup, and it beat everything else by a very large margin—896,526 pickups vs. 448,071 Toyota RAV4s. So it’s no wonder why automakers are readying a bunch of electric trucks for public consumption, including the Ford F-Series EV, the Tesla Cybertruck, and Rivian R1T. 

To better understand what’s coming, what’s here, and what you can expect from power, performance, towing, and charging, The Drive’s crack info team has put together this exhaustive guide to all things associated with electric trucks. Let’s do this!

Rivian's R1T pure EV pickup truck.


Rivian’s R1T pure EV pickup truck.

Table of Contents

What Is an EV Pickup Truck?

An EV pickup truck is exactly what it sounds like, a fully electric pickup truck that has all the same capabilities as regular internal-combustion-powered pickups. 

Which Manufacturers Make EV Pickup Trucks?

There are a handful of automotive manufacturers that are currently planning  EV pickup trucks, including Ford, General Motors, Tesla, Rivian, Nikola, Bollinger, Lordstown Motors, and Vanderhall. 

Bollinger B2 pickup.


What EV Pickup Trucks Are Coming?

With every manufacturer jockeying to be the EV leader in consumer vehicles, nearly all of the major automotive manufacturers have hinted at or already revealed an EV pickup truck. Along with a handful of non-legacy automotive companies like Tesla, Rivian, and Nikola, the space is going to quickly fill up. 

And despite what Mr. Elon Musk will have you believe, there are currently no electric pickup trucks on sale right now. There are, however, many coming and many that have already opened preorder deposits. So here’s a list of every fully electric pickup truck coming down the pike.  

The brutalist Tesla Cybertruck in the rectangular flesh.


The brutalist Tesla Cybertruck in the rectangular flesh. 

Tesla Cybertruck

There’s no Escaping Tesla’s brutalist Cybertruck. It’s an elephant in the room, with its brutalist design, supposedly bulletproof windows, and Musk’s penchant for talking when no one asked him to, and aims to be the first salvo on the pickup market.

How Much Is the Cybertruck?

Tesla claims the Cybertruck will start at $39,990 for the cheapest model. The longest-range model will start at $69,990. 

What Is the Range of the Cybertruck?

The company states up to 500 miles on a single charge.

What Are the Cybertruck’s Charging Capabilities?

The company states up to Level 3 ultra-fast charging.

What Are the Cybertruck’s Estimated Charge Speeds?

Level 1 Charger: 20-27 hours (estimate), Level 2 Charger: 10-15 hours (estimate), Level 3 Charger: 30-50 minutes (estimate)

What Are the Cybertruck’s Horsepower and Torque?

Tesla claims the Cybertruck will have a max horsepower of 800 and 1,000 pound-feet of torque with the tri-motor truck.

What Is the Cybertruck’s Tow Rating?

The base model single-motor Cybertruck can supposedly tow up to 7,500 pounds, with the dual-motor and tri-motor Cybertrucks towing up to 10,000 pounds and 14,000 pounds respectively.

What Is the Cybertruck’s Payload Rating?

The company estimates 3,500 pounds.

Where Will the Cybertruck Be Built?

Tesla has secured a plot of land outside Austin, Texas, and says the Cybertruck will be built in that upcoming facility. 

Rivian's R1T showing off in a gorgeous sand color.


Rivian’s R1T showing off in a gorgeous sand color.

Rivian R1T

Rivian burst onto the scene like the Kool-aid man, straight through a wall. The company took a far different approach to its engineering and hype compared to Tesla and has been far more methodical and less after Tesla’s promised but seemingly always elusive autonomy boondoggle. The R1T shows design and engineering restraint but does so in a highly pleasing way.

How Much Is the R1T?

The R1T will start below $69,000, but a final figure hasn’t been released. 

What Is the Range of the R1T?

Rivian promises 400-plus miles, though that’s an estimated figure.

What Are the R1T’s Charging Capabilities?

The R1T will have up to Level 3 ultra-fast charging.

What Are the R1T’s Estimated Charge Speeds?

Level 1 Charger: 20-27 hours (estimate), Level 2 Charger: 10-15 hours (estimate), Level 3 Charger: 30-50 minutes (estimate) 

What Are the R1T’s Horsepower and Torque?

The company claims up to 750 horsepower and 825 pound-feet is claimed. 

What Is the R1T’s Tow Rating?

The company claims 11,000 pounds.

What Is the R1T’s Payload Rating?

The company claims 1,760 pounds.

Where Will the R1T Be Built?

According to the company, the R1T will be built in Normal, Illinois, home of Illinois State University.

Ford's teaser of the upcoming pure EV F-150.


Ford’s teaser of the upcoming pure EV F-150.

Ford F-Series EV

Did you ever doubt the makers of the most successful vehicle in the United States, the F-150, would get in on the EV truck action? Come on, son. 

How Much Is the F-Series EV?

Unclear. Ford is set to debut the F-Series EV sometime later this year with more details.

What Is the Range of the F-Series EV?

Also unclear. We’ll get more details soon.

What Are the F-Series EV’s Charging Capabilities?

Because Ford partnered with Electrify America to install more electric vehicle charging stations around the U.S, we anticipate the F-150 EV will be able to use Level 3 ultra-fast chargers.

What Are the F-Series EV’s Estimated Charge Speeds?

To be announced.

What Are the F-Series EV’s Horsepower and Torque?

Ford recently stated that the F-Series EV will have more horsepower and torque than any F-150 on the market, which means more horsepower than the 450 horsepower and 510 pound-feet of torque from the F-150 Raptor.

What Is the F-Series EV’s Tow Rating?

Unknown, but given Ford’s commitment to tradesmen, it’s likely to follow the F-Series lineage of capable trucks. 

What Is the F-Series EV’s Payload Rating?

That goes for payload, too.

Where Will the F-Series EV’s Be Built?

Ford recently debuted the plans for a new EV truck plant in Dearborn, Michigan.

Another teaser, but this one of GMC's Hummer.

GMC Hummer

Another teaser, but this one of GMC’s Hummer.

GMC Hummer

Oooh, baby, this was a leftfield debut. Well, announcement. Early into 2020, GM released a trailer that stated the Hummer brand would return. But instead of gas-guzzling bro-trucks, it’d return as a full battery-powered EV under the GMC banner.  

How Much Is the Hummer?

We’ve got nothing at the moment. 

What Is the Range of the Hummer?

You’ve got us.

What Are the Hummer’s Charging Capabilities?

Some? It’ll have some.

What Are the Hummer’s Estimated Charge Speeds?

Speeds will exist.

What Are the Hummer’s Horsepower and Torque?

Conceivably, many horsepowers and torques.

What Is the Hummer’s Tow Rating?

More than a bunny.

What Is the Hummer’s Payload Rating?

Less than an elephant.

Where Will the Hummer Be Built?


Bollinger's squared-off B2 pickup.


Bollinger’s squared-off B2 pickup.

Bollinger B2

For those who haven’t heard of Bollinger, allow us to make the grand introduction. The company is a small boutique EV builder out of Provo, Utah and it has a B1 SUV, a B2 SUV, and a truck in the works. 

How Much Is the B2?

Are you sitting down? Good, it’s $125,000.

What Is the Range of the B2?

According to the EPA, 200-plus miles.

What Are the B2’s Charging Capabilities?

Up to Level 3 ultra-fast charging.

What Are the B2’s Estimated Charge Speeds?

Level 2: 10 hours. Level 3: 75 minutes.

What Are the B2’s Horsepower and Torque?

The B2 makes 614 horsepower and 668 pound-feet of torque.

What Is the B2’s Tow Rating?

Up to 7,500 pounds, which isn’t too shabby compared to the others on this list.

What Is the B2’s Payload Rating?

The B2 can withstand a whopping 5,001 pounds! That one could be a matter of life or death.

Where Will the B2 Be Built?

Oak Park, Michigan.

The rear view of Lordstown's Endurance pickup.

Lordstown Motors

The rear view of Lordstown’s Endurance pickup.

Lordstown Endurance

Remember those “will they, won’t they” episodes on Friends? Yeah, that accurately describes Lordstown’s history as a business, as well as the Endurance pickup truck. 

How Much Is the Endurance?

Lordstown claims the Endurance will start at $52,500.

What Is the Range of the Endurance?

Range is pegged at an estimated 250-plus miles.

What Are the Endurance’s Charging Capabilities?

Like the other trucks on the list, the Endurance will be capable of using Level 3 ultra-fast chargers.

What Are the Endurance’s Estimated Charge Speeds?

Level 2: 10.5 hours. Level 3: 30-60 minutes.

What Are the Endurance’s Horsepower and Torque?

Lordstown says the Endurance will have 600 horsepower but hasn’t stated torque numbers. 

What Is the Endurance’s Tow Rating?

Lordstown estimates the Endurance can two 7,500 pounds.

What Is the Endurance’s Payload Rating?

About 2,200 pounds, but that’s still an estimate.

Where Will the Endurance Be Built?

The Endurance will be built in GM’s old Lordstown, Ohio plant. Get the name?

Is Nikola a Ponzi scheme?

Nikola Motors

Nikola Badger

Nikola’s Badger is an interesting part of this list, as it’s both an EV and fuel-cell vehicle. The new hybrid pickup has a lot of big promises, but there are also some questions about whether or not the company has made fraudulent claims and the CEO and founder recently stepped down due to those claims, among other accusations. Until the truth is sorted from fiction, here’s what Nikola promises.

How Much Is the Badger?

Pricing for the Badger hasn’t been announced. 

What Is the Range of the Badger?

Up to 600 miles with both the battery and fuel-cell topped up.

What Are the Badger’s Charging Capabilities?

Unclear. Nikola hasn’t offered up too many details on the Badger other than headline stats.

What Are the Badger’s Estimated Charge Speeds?

Yep, no clue.

What Are the Badger’s Horsepower and Torque?

Nikola claims peak power is 906 horsepower and 980 pound-feet of torque.

What Is the Badger’s Tow Rating?

8,000 pounds. 

What Is the Badger’s Payload Rating?


Where Will the Badger Be Built?

Nikola has yet to announce its production facility, so take all of this with a heaping, heavy dose of sale. 

Vanderhall Navarro

Vanderhall is another one of those boutique automakers but it’s more widely known for its three-wheeled creations,the Venice, Edison, and Carmel. Now it wants to build a truck, the Navarro, so let’s dive in.

How Much Is the Navarro?

Probably more than your average venti latte. 

What Is the Range of the Navarro?

More than a mile. Less than the distance between New York and London. Vanderhall’s Edison electric three-wheeler uses a 28.8 kWh battery with a range of about 200 miles. The Navarro could borrow from that or use a larger battery with longer range.

What Are the Navarro’s Charging Capabilities?


What Are the Navarro’s Estimated Charge Speeds?

It’ll have charge speeds, yes.

What Are the Navarro’s Horsepower and Torque?


What Is the Navarro’s Tow Rating?


What Is the Navarro’s Payload Rating?


Where Will the Navarro Be Built?

Vanderhall’s base of operations is in Provo, Utah, so the Navarro will likely be there.

Tesla's camping attachment for the Cybertruck.


Tesla’s camping attachment for the Cybertruck.

Advantages to an EV Pickup Truck

With the breadth of EV pickups coming, many potential customers are likely wondering the simple question, “Why?” Why go EV when diesel and gas trucks are so good at what they do? Once you get into the details,  it’s pretty easy to see why there are some serious advantages. 

One of the biggest advantages is immediate torque and power. Electricity is a lot faster than internal combustion in terms of delivery. The immediacy of an EV’s power and torque is attractive for those who have to haul or tow. Add larger-than-normal torque figures into the picture, and you could theoretically do more with an EV truck than you could with a gasoline-powered truck.

EV pickup adopters also get increased usability, as you gain a front trunk, novel storage compartments, and increased capability like Hummer and Rivian’s upcoming tank-turn functionality. There’s also the added benefit of not killing the planet any quicker than we already are.

Disadvantages to an EV Pickup Truck

The biggest disadvantages are range and charge speeds. Though most of the EV pickups on this list are shooting for over 400 miles worth of range, you can’t just turn up to a gas station and reclaim those 400 miles in less than 10 minutes like you would in a gas truck. Charge speeds also range and could leaving you twiddling your thumbs for hours at a charger.,.You might want to pack a sandwich.

Rivian looking good among the forest in blue.


Rivian looking good among the forest in blue.

What Impacts an EV’s Charging Speed?

While gas pumps have a universal flow rate, an EV’s charging rate can easily be affected by outside factors, including ambient temperature, charger type, battery size, battery depletion, and how many cars are currently charging at the same station.

Charger Type

As you’ll learn in a moment, the type of charger you use, whether it be Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3, will determine how quickly your car can charge.

Ambient Temperature

When the mercury drops, so do charging speeds. Cold temperatures affect a battery’s chemical reactions and will slow as it gets colder and colder. Range also drops. 

Vehicle’s Battery Size

Each manufacturer offers a variety of battery sizes, all with different capacities measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh). For example, Tesla’s Model X is available with a long-range 100-kWh battery. That Model X will take longer to charge than Tesla’s Model 3 with a 75-kWh battery.

Vehicle’s Battery Depletion

As you might expect, a depleted battery takes more time to charge than a half-full battery.. And to better ensure your Tesla battery’s life cycle, the car’s battery management system will slow the flow until a certain charge point to better lengthen the battery life.

Number of EVs Concurrently Charging at a Station

When there are other EVs concurrently connected to a charging station, yeah, you’re gonna have a slower charge rate.

Time of Day

As there are peak and off-hours in a country’s electrical grid, delivery speed can be affected by the time of day you charge your EV. Charging during off-hours will deliver more electricity, while peak hours may slow the charge down.

Another teaser for the GMC Hummer EV.


Another teaser for the GMC Hummer EV.

What Impacts an EV’s Charging Cost?

What impacts the cost of charging your EV is closely related to what affects charge speed. Here’s a quick rundown of what impacts an EV’s charging cost.

Time of Day

Those same peak and off-hours that affect charge speed also affect pricing. When electricity is in high demand, pricing will increase. 

Vehicle’s Battery Depletion

As you deplete a battery, you’ll need to input more energy, which will drive your bill higher. 

Vehicle’s Battery Size

And just as how much energy you’ve drain affects the final cost, so too does the size of your battery. On an individual case basis, the bigger the battery, the bigger the electrical bill.

How Much Does It Cost to Charge an EV?

At home, while using a Level 1 or Level 2 charger, charging will cost between $15-$18 based on an average of $0.14 per kWh. Your state’s individual electricity pricing, along with the time of day and how much you charge, will affect the final outcome of your bill.

Tesla’s public Level 2 and Level 3 Supercharger charging stations assume an average of $0.28 per kWh, so your final bill will be more than if you charge at home. While other third-party chargers like Electrify America and Charge Point will have similar costs compared to Tesla’s Superchargers.

Rivian's R1T in the factory where it will be built.


Rivian’s R1T in the factory where it will be built.

FAQs About EV Trucks

You’ve got questions, The Drive has answers!

Q: What Electric Pickup Trucks Are Available?

A: None at the moment, though Tesla, Rivian, Nikola, and Bollinger will all take your deposits for one of their machines.

Q: What Is the Best Electric Pickup Truck?

A: The little Power Wheels one that Timmy from down the street drives.

Q: Is Ford Making an Electric Pickup Truck?

A: Yes! The F-150 EV we told you about above!

Q: Does Ford Own Rivian?

A: Partially. Ford dropped $500 million into the EV startup at the beginning of last year and will benefit from a platform deal to later on, including a potential EV Lincoln.

Q: Does Amazon Own Rivian?

A: Like Ford, Amazon gained a partial stake in Rivian by throwing another $700 million into the company. Along with its stake, Amazon also ordered a fleet of fully electric delivery vans to be built in the near future for the trillion-dollar company.

Q: How Many Rivian R1T’s Have Been Ordered?

A: According to the brand’s forum, as of December of 2019, there have been more than 10,000 pre-orders of the company’s R1T pickup.

Q: Is the Tesla Cybertruck Bulletproof?

A: Yes and no. Tesla claims that the Cybertruck will be available with bulletproof glass. However, when it debuted last year, the supposedly bulletproof glass shattered. Twice. 

Q: Why Did Hummer Go Out of Business?

A: Do you have a year to talk about the intricacies of GM’s 1990s-2000s badge engineering fiasco and how the economic downturn of 2008 nearly killed the company? No, we didn’t think so.

Q: Is Chevrolet Coming Out with a Silverado EV?

A: GM stated that an EV pickup truck is part of its future portfolio, which is supposed to materialize before 2023. It hasn’t released any other details of what it will entail or what model designation it will use, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it shares some components with the GMC Hummer

Q: Is Charging Free for Teslas?

A: Tesla offers free Supercharging for all Model S and Model X vehicles. The Model 3 and Model Y, nor its future lineup, are free to charge. Free charging was initially offered as an incentive to entice newcomers to the land of EVs, but now that the company has traction, the extra benefit has become a scarcity.

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