Few Dash Cams Beat the Nexar Beam in Features and Quality for the Price


FAQs About Dash Cams

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Q. Can I transfer video to a computer?

A. The Nexar Beam has the ability to upload its videos to a cloud drive, which can then be accessed on a smartphone or computer. 

Q. Are dash cams legal?

A. There aren’t any federal laws prohibiting the use of dash cams, but your state or region may have laws about what can be mounted on your windshield and where. Even if there are no restrictions, it’s best to keep the camera mounted out of your line of sight.

Q. Can the police use your dash cam against you?

A. In some cases, yes. If law enforcement believes that the recordings on your camera could be used as evidence, they may have a right to the footage. Check your local and state laws for clarity.

Q. Can I use my dash cam footage in court if I’m hit in an accident?

A. Yes. In all but a few cases, dash cam footage is admissible as evidence in court.

Q. Can I use a camera to record my vehicle’s cabin?

A. First, remind us not to ride with you. Second, you can record the inside of your vehicle, but many state laws require that you inform passengers that they’re being recorded. If you’re a rideshare driver or delivery driver, it may be mandatory, but it’s still best to check your local laws before recording anyone.

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