Ford Super Duty-Based ‘Megabronc’ Isn’t the Bronco Pickup We Hoped For


Unlike a regular crew cab Super Duty, the MegaBronc has a third row pulled from a Ford Expedition. Indeed, the bed cap is removable, underpinned by rollbars reminiscent of those found on an actual Bronco. Other major changes to the F-250 include new 4.56 gears, Dana 60 axles, long-travel suspension, and a well-done “Lithium Gray” paint job.

Under the hood, the truck is powered by the factory 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel engine with 475 horsepower and 1,050 pound-feet of torque. The transmission is also stock, a 10-speed automatic with a variety of selectable drive modes. The most noticeable feature of the truck, of course, is its Bronco grille set into the front fascia. 

On the topic of aesthetics, well, they leave a bit to be desired. That said, the job was certainly completed, and on the basis of it having such a visible and legitimate Bronco resemblance up front, it’s at least fair to include in the name. We just got our hopes up when rumors of a factory-built Ford Bronco pickup swirled around, only to be shot down earlier this year.

If you want to buy the MegaBronc, it’s not currently for sale. We can probably expect to see it at SEMA in the future, though.

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