How Long Does A DUI Affect Insurance?



If you’re found driving under the influence of alc*hol or dr*gs, you might face a premium hike or perhaps cancellation. Depending on your state, prior acts, and present circumstances, you may face misdemeanour or felony charges, such as DWI, DUI, impaired driving, and a license suspension.

Driving under the influence of alc*hol or dr*gs is typically viewed as a criminal violation with several possible penalties. Here’s how drunk driving might affect your insurance rates this year and in the future.

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Before your policy is due to be renewed, insurance firms are not allowed to change your coverage “mid-term.” Your premium is locked in for the remaining 11 months of your coverage if you are charged with a DUI. New insurance applications are the lone exception. The revised price may then be quoted at a higher level. Thus, if feasible, wait until your existing insurance ends before applying for new coverage.

When your insurance comes up for renewal, your premiums may go up. Along with your DUI, other criteria taken into account by the prosecution include your age, gender, marital status, prior driving records, and more. Often, rates will rise by 20 to 30 percent in most situations. This is only true if your insurance provider is aware of the DUI accusation against you!

How long does DUI affect insurance?

However, an insurance company may use your driving record to determine your premiums or deny you as a client if you have a DUI on your record. Having a DUI on your driving record may last anywhere from two to five years, or even longer.

According to Ripley, insurance companies may “look back” into your driving record for as long as the state’s insurance agency permits. An insurer may be able to legally utilize your alc*hol offence or restriction on your driving record to avoid providing the best premium price or not provide a quotation at all if your history continues to display it.

A few states’ regulations on DUI convictions may be seen in the following examples:

  • There is a 15-year statute of limitations on New York’s dr*gs and alc*hol-related crimes and convictions.
  • However, in Montana, if you’ve been convicted of a second or subsequent DUI within the last three years, your record will be public knowledge for five years.
  • In Washington, even though alc*hol-related convictions remain on your driving record for the rest of your life, the driving records that insurance companies use only display the last three years of convictions.

How to get cheap S-22 insurance?

Car insurance premiums are generally higher for high-risk drivers. There is, however, a glimmer of optimism. Here are some tips on where to get cheap SR-22 insurance.

  • Ensure your automobile by comparing quotes from several insurance providers. An insurance company’s response to an individual’s driving under the influence (DUI) might vary substantially. Using numerous insurance providers is the best way to get the best deal, and we’ll show you why in the next section.
  • If you don’t inform your insurance that you have a DUI, they may not realize you have one. On your record, any traffic violations, like DUIs, must be disclosed to get an accurate quotation.
  • After a DUI, it’s essential to shop around for cheaper vehicle insurance. To get the best deal, compare many estimates from different insurers.
  • After three years, it’s time to transfer auto insurance providers if your current provider isn’t giving you the most outstanding deal. To make the switch, you must first cancel your existing insurance. We can assist you in both situations.
  • There are methods to keep your insurance premiums low after a DUI if you don’t commit any additional driving offences. Accidents and speeding fines can boost your rates, so stay out of trouble.


Even if you’ve been convicted of a DUI, your insurance options may be limited depending on your state’s laws. In the long run, you may be able to remove dr*gs or alc*hol convictions from your record, which could lower your insurance premiums. Various variables will affect your insurance premiums, including your prior DUI convictions. To be clear, insurance firms do not issue “DUI insurance,” but some may do so after a DUI arrest has been made. The court or the DMV may require an SR-22 certificate.

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