How Not To Get Ripped Off By Mechanic

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There is a believe doing rounds globally that mechanics are the last to be trusted. This could be true but still, some are trustworthy. For the fact that they are responsible for our motor vehicle mishaps, at least they should demystify the myth and prove their credibility and integrity. There are those of us so close and so dear to their cars to the extent that you mishandle their car to them is more than heartbreak. A past study conducted by a certain auto company revealed that 29 percent of mechanics are trustworthy, what about the rest? It should be better than that.

Common tricks that mechanics use to rip off their clients is by letting them pay for the services they don’t need in the name of making more in a day, which is a total nuisance and let down to their customers. If by the end of the day they realize they have been tricked they can move on to other mechanics where they feel safe to have their car services, so it is upon a mechanic to choose from losing their credibility and maintaining repeat customers at their garage or yard. Luring customers to buy services for aesthetic is not a bad thing for the mechanic to do, but the case rests upon the type of clients they are dealing with. Some can afford extraordinary luxury in their cars and those on a budget. They should learn to deal with them differently.

I said not a bad thing because, in the end, the owners of the vehicle will feel what’s added and what services they receive but unlucky for those with slim bank accounts.

If you want to avoid all the drama at the mechanic shop, there are some of the nitty-gritty things you can handle on your own for example changing engine oil does not require rocket science. I bet you will save a lot if some of these services were handled on your own.

The following are some of the things you can do with your car right inside your home garage:

  • Change your engine oil after 5000 to 7500 miles instead of the recommended 3000 miles especially when your car is still a brand new baby. Go the extra mile by changing engine oil by you and use the quality engine oil available in the market. You will save quite a lot when you compare with going to a mechanic shop to get ripped off.
  • Avoid unnecessary engine tune-ups recommended by mechanics especially when you are on a budget. The car systems will give you an alarm when there is an urgent need for a service that requires urgent attention, but until then, don’t step into a mechanic shop or yard. They have a way of finding problems in your car to rip you off your dollars.
  • Change brake pads by yourself. Some people believe it is a hard thing to do but no! It is the simplest thing to do.
  • Shop around for fair prices across the spectrum of mechanics and remember quality is important and cheap is expensive sometimes.
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