People who must be in your car on wedding day


That’s no doubt a really hard choice to make but you must select the people who should be in your car with you on your wedding day. While you have rented a limo from Toronto Limousine rentals and you are well prepared for your wedding you must consider lots of stuff before doing the head count. To avoid the last minute issues and embarrassment you must plan and decide who is going to get into the wedding limousine. Toronto Limousine Rentals has done the calculations and made an easy list for you to select from.

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Bride and the Groom

Top of the list for sure must be the bride and the groom to be in the limo. Mostly grooms drive to the wedding with the best man. The groom and attendants arrive at the wedding venue before the bridal party starts. The bride may need a separate limo and comes for the officiating ceremony later in a bridal limousine. After the bride and the groom ride together to the reception venue the wedding limousine is primarily meant for the bride and groom.

Best man and the maid of honor

They are the part of inner circle of helpers during the wedding ceremony. They mostly are there to give moral and emotional support to their best buddies, the bride and the groom. They are main helpers from start and end of the ceremony and reception. So the best man and the maid of honor will be the first people riding on the limo with you.

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Parents and Grandparents

From the day the baby is born till the day he or she graduates, or gets married the parents and grandparents live with you in every moment of your life. It’s not every day you get married so the parents must be the top priority to ride with the bride and groom through their love and emotional journey. Not everyone has this superb privilege to have their parent’s presence on their wedding ceremony throughout the event from start till end. In the absence of the parent your guardian can be there for you in your joyful event and you may event invite your grandparents in the luxurious limousine.

The Bridal Party

Bridal party is the important and certainly very great item of the event and it includes flower girls and the ring bearers. This party adds glamour to your event and when you are taking the head count you must also include the bridal party. They are a section in your photo session activity and in most weddings the flower girls and ring bearers don’t attend the reception, they mostly leave early with their parents.

Close relatives and friends

The people you have grown up with or the friends with whom you have spent the most memorable moments of your life. You would have cried with them, laughed with them and they can be your cousins, siblings, class fellows or some very close relatives. To have them with you in limo will not only make them feel special but you will also enjoy their company during the commute.

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