Pre-Ordered A Rivian? You May Get It in 2023 Now


Those holding pre-orders for a shiny new Rivian electric truck might now have a better idea of how much longer they’ll be waiting. Spotted by a member of the Rivian Owners Forum, an excerpt from the company’s Securities and Exchange Commission filings indicates that it expects to have its current backlog of pre-orders filled before 2023 ends. That means those with a spot in line today may have a wait of up to two more years before they receive their vehicle.

“Based on our current production forecast, we expect to fill our pre-order backlog of approximately 55,400 R1 vehicles by the end of 2023,” the doc reads. Rivian filed to go public early last month and preorders are for either the deeply impressive R1T pickup or R1S SUV. Granted, each pre-order may have required a $1,000 deposit but this deposit is indeed refundable, meaning not all pre-orders will actually result in a truck on a customer’s driveway. Whether or not Rivian’s production projections account for cancelations is unclear.

It’s also worth pointing out that the R1S has yet to reach production, though it’s expected to soon.

To give those numbers some context, pre-chip shortage, pre-COVID Ford sold 64,816 F-150s in its weakest month of 2019, per Good Car Bad Car. Of course, with Rivian being a much newer, smaller firm building a much more newfangled product in the midst of a supply chain shitshow, it was never reasonable to expect it to even come close to the Blue Oval’s production numbers. That’s especially true when you remember it’s got more important fish to fry in the form of Amazon delivery vans.

We’ve reached out to Rivian for comment and will update this story when we hear back.

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