Rivian R1T Racing GMC Hummer EV Shows That The Age Of The Super-Truck Is Upon Us



In the growing market of electric pickup trucks, there are a few that are aiming for the masses like the Ford F-150 Lightning and Chevy Silverado EV. However, the players at the higher end of the segment don’t have to worry as much about meeting a strict price point, and as such, it allows them to go all-out with their vehicles.

Two prime examples of this are the Rivian R1T and GMC Hummer EV, both of which feature insane performance and off-roading capability while also offering a practical, livable pickup truck experience. And seeing as both of these trucks occupy a similar niche, Throttle House decided it would be a good idea to race the two to see just how quick they really are.

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The Hummer EV makes 1,000 hp (1,014 PS / 746 kW) and around 1,100 lb-ft (1,491 Nm) of torque from three electric motors, but its curb weight comes in at a massive 9,046 lbs (4,103 kg), or nearly 5 tons. The R1T makes “only” 800 hp (811 PS / 597 kW) and 900 lb-ft (1,220 Nm) of torque from its four electric motors, but at 7,148 lbs (3,242 kg), it might as well be a Lotus Elise compared to the absolute behemoth that is the Hummer.

Regardless of weight, though, that kind of power allows both of these trucks to be lightning quick in a straight line. However, Throttle House had something else up their sleeve. One other vehicle that was supposed to be a big seller in the segment was the Tesla Cybertruck. But since its release has been delayed until at least 2023, they were able to get their hands on the next closest thing: a Model X Plaid.

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With 1,020 hp (1,034 PS / 761 kW) from three electric motors, at first glance it looks as though it could be somewhat a close race. However, at 5,390 lbs (2,445 kg), the Tesla has more power than the Hummer EV, the most powerful of the bunch, while also being around half its weight and nearly a ton lighter than even the Rivian.

Needless to say, the Model X won the drag race handily, but the R1T was surprisingly able to keep pace with it at launch. For the roll race, they removed the Tesla from the equation, leaving just the Rivian and the Hummer to battle it out. Still, though, power-to-weight ratios were the deciding factor as the Rivian took victory.


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