Save 10% Sitewide and Get Your Corvette Ready for the Summer Show Season with Corvette Central



Save 10% Sitewide and Get Your Corvette Ready for the Summer Show Season with Corvette Central

Is your Corvette ready to take on the roads for the upcoming Corvette show season? Our friends at Corvette Central can assist you with the right parts for everything from a tune-up or oil change to a battery charge and tire check. Here is a look at some of Corvette Central’s top product picks and make sure you check out Corvette Central’s Tech Blog for even more tips on how to bring your Corvette out of storage and ready for the road!

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Time to Get Your Corvette Ready for Corvette Show Season with Corvette Central

Tune Up Kits

You can’t make the show if your Corvette isn’t running, so turn to Corvette Central for these popular Tune-Up kits that provides everything your Corvette needs to run smoothly. These kits are specific to your model year Corvette and they generally contain the parts that are swapped during a tune up like air and oil filters, spark plugs, distributor cap, and ignition points.

Corvette Car Care and Maintenance

Corvette Central has everything you need to keep your Corvette looking its best with Corvette care products that includes detailing tools, microfiber towels, car wash soap, waxes, and everything else designed to make your Corvette sparkle.

Corvette Car Covers, Masks, and Cockpit Covers

Protect your Corvette with a variety of weather-resistant car and cockpit covers manufactured to shield from sun, rain, wind, snow, hail and road debris, including top hat covers, full body covers, nose masks, capsules, mirror covers, and accessories.

Corvette Spark Plugs

If your Corvette isn’t running as smoothly as it should, it could be your spark plugs or wires. Frequent misfires can cause your spark plugs to become dirty and will reduce your Corvette’s power and fuel economy. Corvette Central offers a number of Spark Plug solutions including those from AC Delco, Bosch Platinum, and GM licensed reproductions.

Corvette Oil Filters

Corvette Central has oil filters from a variety of manufacturers including AC Delco and K&N, and they have everything else you need including full oil change kits.

Corvette Engine Belts

If your Corvette is making a squealing noise or if your power steering seems to occasionally go out, these could be signs that your engine drive belts need to be replaced. However, engine belts can often break without warning so it is important to inspect your engine belts and if they are looking dry, cracked, or if some pieces are missing, you should change your belts immediately.

Spring Tune-Up Guide from Corvette Central's Tech Blog

For more on what to do to get your Corvette running in top shape for the Corvette show season, check out the Spring Tune-Up Guide from Corvette Central’s Tech Blog.

Corvette Central is ready to help you get your Corvette in top shape for the Summer show season. CorvetteBlogger readers save 10% when you use the promo code BLOG422 at!

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