Savvy Riders Save Big Bucks at RevZilla, Plus Deals at Walmart, Amazon, and More


“The Customer Is Always Right.” Anyone who’s worked in retail or hospitality knows that that tired old adage just isn’t true. The customer is often wrong — or, at the very least, sorely mistaken! But to the smart seller, the meaning at the core of that saying is absolutely correct. It doesn’t matter who’s “wrong” or who’s “right”; what matters is that the customer leaves happy and comes back again. 

That’s why RevZilla is one of the best places for motorcyclists to shop. RevZilla’s customer service is top-notch, which means they’ll happily take returns and exchanges from dissatisfied customers, for almost any reason. So what does RevZilla do with all those returned items? It sells them in the Open Box Deals section of its website.

Open Box is where savvy riders can save big bucks on slightly blemished products, or returned/exchanged parts and apparel that didn’t fit quite right. Barely scratched helmets, tried-on jackets and boots, parts that didn’t fit, gifts that weren’t needed — the ‘Zilla takes most returns and exchanges, marks those products waaay down, and then passes the savings on to you, the smart motorcyclist. Everybody wins, and everyone is happy.

If you’re ever in the Philadelphia area, you owe it to yourself to swing by the RexZilla HQ at the Navy Yard; it’s a fantastic place to spend an afternoon scoping out bikes, parts, and gear.

Check out all the deals for drivers, truckers, and riders below, curated daily by the experts at The Drive. Happy Friday!


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