Tesla Model S Goes 752 Miles on Startup’s Battery Swap


An electric car’s driving range is a big frickin’ deal. It’s why Mercedes-Benz was so pleased when it leveraged F1-derived battery and wind-tunnel technology to create the Vision EQXX Concept with a massive 620 miles of range. That’s not sarcasm. If accurate, 620 miles is huge—even in a relative concept car, given that it actually works and is road legal. Michigan battery startup Our Next Energy (ONE), however, has reportedly gone a step further, squeezing 752 miles from a single charge without stopping to recharge.

According to ONE, it swapped a Tesla Model S’s battery for one of its own design—a patented technology called Gemini—then it ran a bunch of tests to prove the range possible. ONE’s founder and CEO, Mujeeb Ijaz (formerly the senior director of energy storage at Apple) told The Drive the following in regards to its findings:

“We conducted two tests, the first on public roads in a trip that spanned Detroit Michigan to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and back,” said Ijaz. “We recorded 752.2 miles one this run at an average speed of 55 mph and in average ambient temperature conditions below freezing. The second test was conducted indoors on a vehicle dynamometer at 23 C (73.4 F) temperature at 55 mph and we achieved 882 miles during this test.”

“It is not surprising that we were getting more range on the dynamometer given the improved temperature conditions and no other factors such as hills and headwinds.”

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