Tesla’s V11 Update Blasted for Hiding Things Like Defroster Button in Pointless Menus


In a world where every new car owner loathes going to the dealership, the idea of a connected vehicle is a godsend. No more scheduling an appointment just to have a small update flashed to the car, or waiting until a facelift to get an updated infotainment system. Sounds great, right?

Well, not always. Tesla pushed an over-the-air update to its vehicles just in time for Christmas, and while it boasts some cool and useful features—like allowing owners to design their own light show along with added blind-spot camera feeds—it also caused an uproar among drivers. This happened after they realized it mangled the user interface (UI) that contains almost every core vehicle control so that Teslas can have a nearly button-free cabin.

Telsa’s “Holiday Update” marks the release of its V11 in-car software; along with it comes the redesign of the UI in the Model 3 and Y to be more aligned with the updated Model S and X. This shifts drivers away from the previously comfortable method of controlling their car’s features and to Tesla’s new redesigned launcher.

While the launcher is now customizable, meaning users can add some of their own preferred shortcuts to the bottom of the screen, the redesign also removed the ability to quickly access a number of often-used options like windshield wiper settings, seat heaters, and the windshield defroster. Instead, these features are now placed behind menus, requiring multiple taps or swipes to achieve what once took a single touch.

The update even gave dedicated buttons to Tesla Arcade and Theater, neither of which is usable while the vehicle is in motion after Tesla recently disabled the feature amid a federal probe. Thankfully, some of the icons within the launcher can be swapped out for other applications, but changing them cannot restore the previously baked-in settings. Not only has this proved to be an annoyance for many, but it’s also a glaring safety concern for drivers as they have to take their eyes off the road to familiarize themselves with the features’ new locations.

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