They Call Her MARY BRANDON! Do GM’s Mary Barra’s Tweets Have LESS Traction Than A BIDEN RALLY?


We bought out our EV truck in twelve NANOSECONDS!

Folks are GAGA about GM EV’s!

Our shoppers Can’t Hold out for our EV’s!

How several of you out there are as ill of these affordable methods to make you imagine absolutely everyone on earth are not able to hold out to generate an EV and In particular those made by GM?

Its hard to determine which is much more a turnoff. The GM promises or Camp LeJeune lawsuit ads.

But you will never hear this from the other internet sites since nicely, MOST are in the tank and progressive leftists.

The don’t WANT to know the fact NOR do they want to do the do the job to expose the real truth.

They’ve skipped points that are SO simple to exhibit that the enjoyment they Declare exists just is not there.

Permit us give you a telling instance no a person else has pointed out…

Consider a search at this tweet from the GM boss Mary Barra. Who BTW, has a new nickname from the twitterverse. Mary BRANDON!

This tweet was posted at 12:09PM. And at this pretty minute, virtually six hrs later on, has a measly Eight opinions and 57 likes. And this is not the only tweet that is mild on engagement. If you search at Several of the factors they place out there, the traction is WEAK to say the minimum. You could practically look at their lameness to the attendance at a Joe Biden rally.

And the reviews? Priceless. In this article are a handful of:

“How many “all-around $50k” trucks will you really create in 2024 that clients can invest in Without “15k marketplace adjustment” ?

“Does gm count on absolutely everyone to turn out to be millionaires by then? Or are you gonna let funding as extensive as mortgages to be capable to afford to pay for the payments on these more than priced ability wheels?”

“Oh you necessarily mean to chapter 11”

“Can anyone notify Mary Brandon  You cannot make dollars promoting computer renders?”

This second example demonstrates a tweet from three times back. We certain really don’t see a whole lot of exhilaration in people quantities. Very MT, if you talk to us.

From what WE see, the EUPHORIA they assert just Doesn’t look to match the actuality of the social engagement.

Talk about…

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