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Have a car with a push-to-start ignition? Here’s why it may end up stolen and overseas

If you’re driving a car you bought new in the past couple years, there’s a good chance you have a push-to-start ignition. 

The technology is deceptively simple. Instead of turning the key, you just push the start button.

But while it’s a breeze for drivers, that convenience has a downside.

Experts say push-to-start ignitions are easy prey for car thieves, who are leveraging the technology to steal vehicles to ship overseas. 

Marketplace investigation tracked stolen vehicles from Ontario and Quebec all the way to Ghana and Nigeria, where there’s a booming market for Canadian cars because of their reliability and the availability of parts.

“It’s low risk, high reward,” said Det. Greg O’Connor of the Peel police auto crime unit, who told Marketplace this type of car theft has a low overhead cost and takes little time. Cars can be loaded onto shipping containers and be en route within hours, he said. Read more

Watch Marketplace’s full investigation tonight to find out how to protect your vehicle and get the inside scoop on what car tops the list of the most stolen vehicles in Ontario. That’s at 8 p.m. (8:30 NT) on CBC-TV and CBC Gem.

Hamilton locksmith Mustafa Jafar demonstrates a device used to reprogram blank keys that can aid thieves in stealing cars. (Jenny Cowley/CBC)

‘Disheartening:’ Why one animal rescue group refuses to allow families with autistic children to adopt 

Mike and Erin Doan of Listowel, Ont., began inquiring about adopting a dog after their nine-year-old son Henry communicated to them that he wanted one.

But when Erin contacted Kismutt Rescue to ask about a dog the group had up for adoption, she was shocked to be told they don’t allow families with autistic children to adopt.

On Facebook, Kismutt Rescue released a statement explaining its policy and wrote that after two bad experiences, “No dog will be adopted into homes with autistic children.”

But Erin said she doesn’t understand why an organization would ban all autistic people from adopting dogs.

“For sure, there are some that have more behavioural issues than others, but to put a blanket policy in place without even meeting the kiddo and the family — it’s just really disheartening,” she said.

Billie Wessel of London, Ont., who also has a child with autism, agrees.

“It’s honestly disgusting to read that, because autism is a spectrum,” Wessel said.

“I don’t think there should ever be a case where a child is discriminated against. A regular-functioning, ‘normal’ child could have aggression issues with a dog as well, the same way an autistic child could have a meltdown.” Read more

Erin and Mike Doan of Listowel, Ont., say they were disheartened to hear that their nine-year-old son Henry wasn’t going to get the pet he had asked for, after a rescue group said it doesn’t adopt out dogs to families with autism. (Submitted by Erin Doan)

These women filed complaints about their gynecologist over a year ago. But they’re still waiting for a resolution

Three Ontario women are speaking out after making complaints regarding their former gynecologist to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO). 

Navi, who asked CBC News not to publish her last name for fear of online harassment, Elizabeth Adamou and Candice Jones each complained to the CSPO about Dr. David Gerber more than a year ago, but they’re still waiting for their complaints to be resolved.

They say that long delays, intimidating legal demands, mischaracterization of complaints, and a lack of communication have left them wondering if the college is acting to protect patients, or the doctors it’s supposed to regulate. 

In late December 2021, the CPSO disclosed that Gerber, of Meridia Medical in midtown Toronto, would face complaints from 10 patients at a disciplinary hearing, up from the six previously announced in 2020.

The college alleges that Gerber “engaged in disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional conduct,” including but not limited to his communication, failing to explain what an examination would involve, failing to obtain informed consent and failing to demonstrate adequate sensitivity. 

Howard Winkler, Gerber’s lawyer, said “two leading independent medical experts have carefully reviewed each complaint and the related medical records. Both experts agree that the care Dr. Gerber provided met or exceeded every clinical standard and did not deviate from the usual and expected practice.”

The CPSO will not comment on any specific complaint or hearing, but CBC News previously reported that the college had expected to hold the hearing in 2021. A date has not yet been set. Read more

WATCH | Women frustrated by response to complaints about doctor:

Women who complained about gynecologist frustrated with Ontario regulatory body

Three women who filed complaints against a Toronto gynecologist say they’re frustrated with the lengthy delays, legal demands and mischaracterization of their concerns by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. 5:33

What else is going on? 

COVID-19 restrictions are lifting, but unvaccinated Canadians still can’t board planes or trains
Some unvaccinated Canadians question why federal government still maintains mandate.

As employees return to the office, the much-hyped hybrid model faces acid test: Does it work?
The days of mandating full-time work in the office are ending, hiring experts say.

Electric vehicle battery plant set for Windsor, Ont., signals Canada is a ‘player’ in auto industry’s future
Largest automotive investment for country’s 1st EV battery plant expected to start operating in 2024.

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