Virtual robot auto-combat game Krabots launches initial Beta and Token Airdrop


Krabots, a virtual robot auto-combat game that allows players to show their engineering skills on virtual robot battlefields, has successfully finished its alpha launch and has launched its initial Beta as it also prepares for an exclusive token Airdrop.

Krabots is being developed by the Vietnamese studio, Hiker Games, and it is currently incubated in the Iron Sail Open Metaverse incubator.

The Krabots game

Krabots game has a very simple gameplay that appeals to all types of gamers. Players build their own powerful robots using virtual physical-based mechanisms uniquely fused with top-of-the-line parts. The players then pit their robots against those of other players in battles to see which robot wins.

To remain at the top, players are forced to spend most of their time in the virtual workshops provided within the gameplay doing research and developing their robots to make them stronger and more advanced compared to those of their opponents.

Each fighting machine/robot consists of a body, two wheels, and two weapons and is manned by a cockpit driver. Players can select from the large selection of equipment what to put onto their respective robots to become the ultimate fighting mech.

Since it is part of the Iron Sail Open Metaverse, Krabots gets a lot of advice, support, and investment from organizations and leading investment funds. It is also part of the Whydah ecosystem that provides blockchain solutions for video developers in Vietnam.

Some of the investment funds that have invested in Krabots include Hashkey, DFG, Spark, Axia8, Fomocraft, IVC, Master Ventures, Mask Network, Eternity Ventures, Bitscale capital, Youbi Capital, Good game Guild, Polkastarter, Morningstar, J square, Fromless Capital, Kardia Ventures, TKX, Genesis, CPC.

Krabots Airdrop

Krabots intends to Airdrop 200,000 KRAC tokens worth $60,000 USDT). the Airdrop will take place on July 21 and will be the first Airdrop of Krabots native token KRAC.

The Airdrop is designed as a way of appreciating Krabots followers within the Iron Sail ecosystem and aims at connecting projects within the Iron Sail open metaverse and the true believers that support and participate in the projects. Besides Krabots, participants of the other projects that have been launched in the Iron Sail metaverse (i.e Ark Rivals and Overleague) shall also be rewarded in the KRAC Airdrop. Participants of the recently launched Raramuri race will also be rewarded.

KRAC is currently listed on PancakeSwap 9it was listed on July 14th, this year).

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