Why Replace Your Windshield, When It Can Be Fixed?


One of the most important parts of your car is the windshield, otherwise called windscreen or car front glass. Aside from protecting the drivers from the intrusive wind as they drive, it gives them a clear, wide-angle vision of what is in front of them on roads and highways. Through the windshield, they are able to estimate how far or near they are to any surrounding objects, which helps them avoid dangerous incidents such as collisions. Besides the wind, the windscreen also protects the passengers from dust, debris, rain and other external elements while on the road. These are the reasons why the car front class should be clear, free from any dirt as well as cracks or chips that can result in a hazy view behind the wheel, which is very dangerous to the driver.

Now, while there are times that windshield problems can be repaired, there are also times that it should be altogether replaced. How can we determine this? To repair or to replace?

Generally, windshield chips and cracks are repairable. However, it usually depends upon a few factors: 1) how big or small they are 2) the type of crack 3) the depth of the chip or crack and 4) where they are located. The determination also depends on how long the crack or chip has been there, whether they’re contaminated or not, where they are located, and how severe or simple the damage is.

An expert windscreen repair specialist needs to consider all these factors before coming up with a decision as to repair or replace. Each scenario is also different from others. It is to be evaluated individually using the specialist’s years of experience and relevant tools and equipment, what the client wants or desires the outcome to be, and the cost of the repair. Most of the problems are repairable with just simple tools, but there are a few that need expensive devices.

How big and deep is the problem?

The general rule is, if the chip is only an inch in size or the crack is only 3 inches in length, it can be repaired; otherwise, it needs replacement. Nonetheless, because of new technologies, there is a possibility of repairing bigger chips or longer cracks but still considering the current scenario or the possible outcome- all of these are to be determined by the expert windshield repair technician. Nowadays, however, auto car repair or rock chip repair shops can fix 18 inches long of cracks.

What is the type of crack?

Here are a few of the various kinds of cracks that are easily repairable:

· Star Break. There are short radial ones as a result of an impact.

· Bulls-Eye. This damage results from the impact of a circular thing.

· Partial Bulls-Eye. As the name suggests, the damage is not fully circular.

· Crack Chip. Quarter of a size crack.

· Ding. This looks similar to crack chips.

· Pit. When there is a small piece of glass screen is nowhere to be found.

Where is the crack or chip located?

No matter how good a repair is, there are still times when the process leaves discoloration or unevenness in the windscreen, which if located in front of the driver’s wheel, can have potentially dangerous risks, as clarity and visibility are compromised in this situation. On the other hand, if the crack is at the edge of the windshield, this may compromise the structural integrity of the overall structure.

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